STI in Chile first with dual berthing of neo-panamax boxships

The containerships MSC Katrina and MSC Rene y measure 366m in length and span 48m in beam with a cargo capacity of more than 12,000 teu. The manoeuvre marked a milestone for shipping on the west coast of South America.

Each vessel was assisted by three ship-to-shore cranes, which should complete 5,584 movements, 3,461 unloading and 2,123 loading, between the two vessels. The manoeuvres concluded on April 3rd when the MSC Katrina and MSC Rene set sail for Coronel, in Southern Chile.

In December, STI, which operates the south quay of San Antonio port in Valparaíso region, reached an agreement to extend its concession contract from 2025 to 2030 in exchange for investing $44m. from next year.